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Regulations & Legal


Food Safety Modernization Act--does it apply to your farm? Find out here.

Marketing Poultry Slaughtered Under USDA Exemption fact sheet

USDA inspection questions for small processors: Contact the FSIS Small Plant Help Desk by phone (and get a live person) or contact form.


PA Agritourism Law and considerations.


Animal Humane Laws for Farmers webinar slides


Custom processing: Rabbit & Poultry Slaughter & Processing regs


Egg & Small Producer Poultry regs

Food for Profit--working with PDA for food establishments (Penn State Extension article covering what types of farm food businesses need which licenses

Livestock Mortality in PA

Manure happens: If you produce or spread manure, you need a Manure Management Plan. Most landowners can complete  MMPs themselves, but if you need assistance, contact your county Conservation District. Manure management plan workbook

Nurseries/selling plants: Licensing ($40 annually; state may inspect)

Selling Freezer Beef from Penn State Extension

Why Aren't All Meat Processors the Same in Pennsylvania?

Municipal: Your township may have ordinances regarding agricultural zoning, backyard poultry, set-backs, etc. If you have a local health department you may need to comply with local food safety/sales regulations. Ignorance of the regulations is not a defense. 


Penn State Law Entrepreneur Assistance offers free help with things such as setting up a LLC, and offers legal advice. Learn about their free services here.  Request assistance.

Legal brief from PA Veteran Farming Conference 2023 by Robert Davidson, Esq.

Right to Farm act

Taxes: portal:  resources for farmers & ranchers, educators to understand and navigate the farm business tax and asset protection business decisions for their operations

Find Schedule F webinar and learn which conservation program funding is taxed here.

IRS Farmers Tax Guide

FarmTransition/Succession resources



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