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 Bee Bootcamp

Bee Bootcamp: Beekeeping Basics for Veterans

​We are proud to be the official state  Heroes to Hives partner offering Bee Bootcamp

with the PA State Beekeepers Association. Pre-register for these hands-on workshops.

Volunteer instructors have set minimum attendance numbers so unless you register in ​

advance, the class may be cancelled. Check back as additional workshops will be added

as they are scheduled.

Luzerne County: Beekeeping for Veterans classes:  May 12 and June 16 afternoon 1-3:30. Hands-on hive management classes. Attend one or both.

  Sunday, May 12: Hive Inspection, Varroa Mites and treatments, Splits, and Honey Supering Techniques

  Sunday, June 16: Hive Inspection, Varroa wash. and Making Increase Splits Register here.

Chester County: 

  • Wed.,  Apr. 17,- 2 hour seminar session at Historic Sugartown Carriage Museum starting at 6:30pm. This session will cover honey, nectar and basic beekeeping. This session is open to the public for $5 per person (no cost to veterans/dependents).

  • Wed Apr 24- Heroes to Hives participants/graduates only for an in-hive session at the Sugartown Apiary starting at 3pm. You will need a bee suit or jacket. Recommend beekeeping gloves.


Note: the Chester County Beekeepers Association (CCBA) is at https// - annual membership is $25. The full beginners course (8 sessions) is $90.

Montgomery County Beekeepers Association (MCBA) is at - annual membership is $15. The beginners course (8 sessions) is $120.

Crawford County: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Woodcock Creek Lake (aka Woodcock Dam) near Meadville. Saturday, May 18,  2 pm – 5 pm: Hive Inspection, Varroa Mites, Splits, and Honey Supering Techniques: how to properly plan and perform a hive inspection; evaluate the buildup of the hives; recognizing swarm signals and options to split or suppress swarming. You'll learn to  ‘Read' frames to evaluate hive health, and perform an alcohol wash on hives and discuss Varroa Mites, monitoring techniques, and treatment options.  Registration is closed

Northumberland County: Beginning Farmer Workshop, Saturday, May 4th. While not solely dedicated to beekeeping topics, this workshop will include a visit to the Navy veteran farmer's hives with a discussion on beekeeping's beneficial effects on wellness.



Heroes to Hives online training is free to veterans and their dependents. Heroes to Hives is a 9-month beginning beekeeping education course designed to train Service Members through a free online training program that is coupled with on-ground training opportunities (in select States) and to develop a community of support with other veterans. Registration for 2024 Heroes to Hives opens Nov.1, 2024.


Honey Bee Health Coalition offers a wealth of reliable information on managing healthy hives.

*A veteran  is one who served in the United States Army, Navy,

Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard, including the reserve

components thereof, and was released from the service under

conditions other than dishonorable. Active duty, and current

Guard and Reserve members are also eligible for Bee Bootcamp.

Bee Culture, the Magazine of American Beekeeping, publishes monthly honey price reports. Go there...

Many local PA State  Beekeepers Association chapters offer mentoring and classes as well.

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